Tenders 2017

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Advert No: Description Publishing Date Closing Date Remarks
11/2017​ ​Period Contract for the Supply and Delivery of Stationery Items to the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure 2017-2019 ​​18/01/2017 14/02/2017
10/2017​​ Period Contract for the Supply of Steel Wire Mesh Reinforcement for Concrete 2017-2019​ 16/01/2017 07/02/2017
​09/2017​ Period Contract (Twenty Four Months) for the Supply and Delivery of Wide Sweep and Channel Brushes for Mechanical Sweepers
16/01/2017 07/02/2017
08/2017​​ Period Contract for the Supply and Delivery of Aluminium Profiles & Accessories for the Manufacturing and Services Directorate
11/01/2017 03/02/2017
07/2017 Period Contract for the Supply and Delivery of Second Class Water to Mdina Ditch 2017-2019​ 11/01/2017​​​​​​ 03/02/2017
06/2017 ​Tender for the Construction of Softstone Retaining Wall and Reconstruction of Various Parapett Walls at Gnien Herbert Ganado, Floriana 10/01/2017 31/01/2017
​05/2017 Period Contract for the Supply of Coated Stone for Repair Works to the Works and Infrastructure Department 2017-2019​ 10/01/2017 31/01/2017
​04/2017 Manufcature, Supply and Laying of Pedestals / Corner Pedestals and Vases in Franka Stone at Herbert Ganado Garden, Floriana
06/01/2017 27/01/2017​​
Period Contract for the Dismantling, Sandblasting, Cold Galvanizing, Painting and Re-Fixing of Steel Railings and Pipes in Various Localities 2017-2019​
06/01/2017 27/01/2017
Period Contract for Construction and Finishing Works in Various Localities in Malta (Period: 2017-2018)
06/01/2017 27/01/2017
Period Contract for the Supply, Delivery and Stacking of Mild Steel Sections 2017-2019
06/01/2017​​ 27/01/2017​​