Works and Infrastructure

The Works & Infrastructure Department within the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure was established to provide a comprehensive quality service to Government in the design and implementation of public infrastructural works and projects. Another principal aim is to present a comprehensive range of quality services, through its directorates and units, in an efficient manner and with the required return of value for money. 

The Works and Infrastructure Department (previously known as the Works Division) falls within the remit of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) and was set up in 1992.  Over the years it has undergone various changes in the number of Departments that fall under its responsibility.  

At present it comprises the Project Design & Engineering Directorate, the Projects Implementation Directorate, the Manufacturing & Services Directorate, the Cleansing Directoratethe Marine, Storm Water and Valley Management Unit and the Rehabilitation Projects Office

Other units that fall under the responsibility of the Director General (Works & Infrastructure) are the Legal Office, the Project Monitoring Unit and the Strategy and Planning Services Unit​