Project Monitoring Unit

The Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) is a section within the Office of the Permanent Secretary, formalised by a Cabinet decision dated April 2013 subsequently consolidated by a report drawn by the Management Efficiency Unit (MEU) within the Office of the Prime Minister dated February 2014.

The PMU is made up of a multi-disciplinary group of engineers, architects, EU affairs specialists, and other professionals, charged with monitoring Ministry related projects from cradle to grave. Projects monitored by the PMU include projects co-financed by the EU, as well as projects funded by the national budget.

The primary roles of the PMU are:

i.         Collaborating in and pursuing the development of new projects

ii.       Monitoring of projects carried out by Ministry departments and entities

iii.      Planning and monitoring of the management and maintenance of completed projects

While the PMU forms the nucleus of the Ministry project monitoring function, with respect to particular project issues, that arise during the project cycle of particular projects, where the need arises, an ad hoc Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) is set up, consisting of members of the PMU, members of the project management team of the project itself, professionals from Ministry departments and entities, as well as experts from outside the Ministry, who are charged to apply their expertise to develop solutions for there issues.

Apart from attending to tasks assigned by the Permanent Secretary from time to time, the PMU also coordinates the sectoral Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) functions, as well as inter-ministry project ventures.


Name: Ing. Stefan Calamatta
Executive of Projects
Tel: 22922113 / 79008881
Address: Block A, Triq Francesco Buonamici, Floriana​